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Business Models and Google Chrome

Written by ktr in misc on Mon 23 January 2012. Tags: Business Models, General,

Recently, I've been thinking about various business models that companies employ. Creative business models (or maybe they would be better referred to as creative revenue strategies) can be obvious in hindsight yet profound in impact. For example, a few years ago I had thought that Firefox survived through donations ...

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Videos, Products and Changes

Written by ktr in misc on Thu 19 January 2012. Tags: Videos, Product,

Wow - it's been over two months since our last post and it's already 2012! First, I'd like to apologize for the long delay between posts. Rest assured we've been hard at work trying to get things done and will be working harder at getting more posts ...

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Written by ktr in misc on Mon 31 October 2011. Tags: Versioning, Features,

So, I used to work for a firm that does everything from due diligence to post-close integration work for private equity firms (CMF). One of the things that always struck me as odd was how difficult was to keep track of who made what changes (and when) within a particular ...

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