Cars are so Analog

I was driving today in the rain trying to merge into traffic when I realized, cars have not moved into the digital age (at least, not the one's I drive) - they still operate primarily on analog signals. There is no protocol for cars to communicate with each other so that they can help the drivers get into fewer accidents other than with analog signals like putting on your left blinker. I can't tell the driver next to me that I either intend to (or am already) speeding up, so they may want to slow down (or vice versa). I yell in a fit of rage because the other driver is "driving poorly", when in reality we just can't communicate in an effective manner. So next time you find yourself getting mad at someone for their poor driving skills, sit back and try to relax - it might not be their fault; maybe they just need a better way to communicate with you.

Written by ktr in misc on Wed 29 February 2012. Tags: Miscellaneous,

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